It has been confirmed that the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, which has been investigating the claim that the son of the incumbent professional baseball team leader A committed school violence against a fellow baseball club student, notified the leader’s son of a decision of ‘no action’. No action means that there is no data to prove, so it is difficult to admit it as school violence, and there is no disciplinary action.

Director A received the results of the deliberation by the School Violence Countermeasures Deliberation Committee (School Violence Committee) sent by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education by registered mail on the 17th. Members of the school violence committee are known to have concluded that there is no data to objectively prove the situation after investigating the victims and the students who were identified as perpetrators and comprehensively reviewing whether or not there was school violence.

However, there is a cautious opinion that it cannot be concluded that there was no school violence itself over the decision to take no action due to insufficient evidence.안전놀이터

Director A, who heard the notification from the Office of Education, expressed his feelings, saying, “Once again, I apologize to the professional baseball fans.”

In May, media reports reported that a sophomore B in a high school baseball team in Seoul suffered physical and psychological damage after being beaten and assaulted by his fellow baseball teammates in the same year. In particular, it became even more controversial when it was known that one out of three students who were identified as the perpetrator was the son of a famous professional baseball team leader.

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