Online gambling is big business, with huge revenue potentials in the markets that get it right. Whilst the sums involved are already high, the online industry continues to grow year-on-year, and the value of the global online gambling market is expected to increase from $64.13 billion in 2020 to $72.02 billion in 2021. Here we will assess the increasing growth of online casinos all over the world, and look at the markets most likely to see significant growth over the next 12 months:

The Growing Online Casino Market In Holland
Up until very recently, the online gambling market was a monopoly, and one that was very strictly controlled by the Dutch government. As a result of the new Remote Gambling Act, which was introduced this year, online gamblers will now legally be able to enjoy a wider range of games and from a bigger variety of operators. Forecasters predict that this will lead to an explosion within the market, and that revenues will grow to such an extent that the Dutch online gambling industry will be worth at least €1.1bn (£957m) by 2024. If you want to enter the market yourself, you can compare the different online casinos before playing, to ensure you find the right Dutch casino for you.

Cryptocurrencies Driving Growth In Taiwan
For obvious reasons, the regions that achieve the largest revenues from online gambling are the regions where online gambling is legal. However, the huge popularity of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency casinos has begun to turn this fact on its head. Taiwan is a key example of this: despite the strict national regulations on online casinos in the country, casinos which accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment are seeing rapid growth in Taiwan.

There are cryptocurrency casinos specifically targeted at the Taiwanese market, and because this market was formally so underserved, the demand for these bold and new casinos that they can access is unprecedentedly high. 메이저사이트 This same trend is likely to be apparently in other Asia-Pacific markets where online gambling is either restricted or very severely controlled by the authorities in the region.

The Italian Market Maintains Its Huge Position
Italy is consistently the European country with one of the largest online gambling industry. In 2019, the GGR of Italy’s online industry was valued at a whopping €1.85 billion, and as the Italian government gleans 22% of revenues from all licensed online gambling operators in the country, this makes a significant impact on the nation’s finances. For this reason, online gambling is encouraged in Italy, and regulations are relatively lax compared to many other European countries. Italy is home to the world’s oldest land-based casino, so many Italians would argue that gambling is in their blood: this would certainly explain why online gambling is so popular in the region, and why the revenue figures generated by the industry continue to increase year on year.

Growth In India Remains Significant
Much like the situation in Taiwan, land-based casinos are illegal in India. However, unlike the situation in Taiwan, online gambling is not illegal in all Indian states. Each state dictates their own regulations around online gambling access, and in many both online gambling and sports betting are considered legal. As a result of this loophole that allows online gambling for many in the country, it is an incredibly popular pastime and over the past 10 years the industry has seen an incredible 115% growth in India.

The growth of popularity in online gambling in India is also being driven by the relatively new ease of access to, and the affordability of, mobile phones and internet connections. This means that more of the Indian populous than ever has access to the tools it needs to enjoy online gambling, and this is also helping to power the growing demand for the industry. Last year over 17 million people in the country gambled online, spending approximately 20 billion INR in the region.

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