The Glazer family’s greed knows no bounds.

Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) has lost its way. The Glazer family, criticized by Manchester United fans as the worst owners in history, put Manchester United on the market in November last year. It meant selling. Manchester United fans cheered.   

British petro-chemical tycoon Jim Ratcliffe and Qatari royal and wealthy figure Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Jassim emerged as strong candidates.

However, the sale of Manchester United was recently withdrawn. Time dragged on and eventually the game was turned over. According to local media, candidates including Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe proposed an acquisition price of 6 billion pounds (9.98 trillion won), but the Glazer family rejected it. They decided not to sell unless it was worth 10 billion pounds (16.6 trillion won). It was judged that if time was taken, more money could be received. It’s greed.

Their greed did not end there. He did not hide his greed even in negotiations with bidding candidates. It was revealed that the Glazer family was trying to set up a mechanism that would allow them to still have influence over Manchester United even if they sold it.   

According to local media, Sheikh Jassim wants to acquire 100% of the Glazer family’s shares in Manchester United. Ratcliffe, on the other hand, left room for negotiation. Then the Glazer family began making unreasonable demands on Ratcliffe.소닉카지노

America’s ‘NBC’ said, “Ratcliffe has shown his intention to withdraw from the sale of Manchester United. Ratcliffe’s patience is being tested. The Glazer family and Ratcliffe’s side have been negotiating for about two weeks. The Glazer family is in a relationship with Ratcliffe.” They requested that they reserve a certain amount of their shares and have voting rights on the Manchester United board of directors,” the report said.

Ratcliffe’s will is firm. The position is that such unreasonable demands can never be accepted. The media reported, “Ratcliffe said he would back out of the sale of Manchester United if the Glazer family insisted on this.”

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