The Chicago White Sox of the American professional baseball Major League (MLB), which has fallen into a swamp of sluggishness, made a strong decision to sack both the vice president and the general manager.

On the 22nd (local time),, the official MLB homepage, said, “The White Sox fired Vice President Ken Williams and general manager Rick Han.카지노사이트

” He is ranked 4th in the district. With a 40% win rate collapsed, he remained at 10th place in the AL wild card rankings, effectively preventing him from advancing to fall baseball. Jerry Rainsdorf, owner of the White Sox, said, “Both are talented people who have worked together for a long time in the White Sox

. “It was a very difficult decision,” he said, “but the cliché truth that professional sports are ultimately result-oriented is true. Our organization welcomed this season positively, but it is very disappointing in many ways.

” We came to the conclusion that the best decision for the organization was to change the leadership of the club.”

Williams joined the White Sox as a scout in 1992 and served as general manager for 11 years from 2001 to 2012. He had been spending 11 seasons as vice president, and

general manager Han joined the White Sox in October 2000 and served as vice general manager (2000-2012) before being promoted to general manager in October 2012.

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