Shinsegae International’s own hair care brand, IAM Shampoo , announced on the 16th that the ‘Holiday Set’, which was launched earlier this month, was sold out in 10 days. The 5,000 sets that were expected to be sold during the month of December were sold out within 10 days of release. I.M introduced a total of two types of holiday sets with a Christmas atmosphere, and released a special design edition sold only for one month in December , gaining popularity beyond expectations. For holiday products, an illustration of shampoo dressed as Santa Claus posed as if flying in the sky, adding to the fun. In addition, the deep green color full of the year-end party feeling was added with illustrations such as gold leaf tree ornaments to double the splendor and luxury. In addition, a green holiday limited edition shopping bag for gift wrapping was provided and received a good response. The holiday limited edition ‘Scented Garden Collection’ presented by 토토사이트 Shinsegae International’s perfume & lifestyle brand LOiViE is also popular. It was released in three types: a mini perfume set, a hand cream set, and a scented candle set, and the package contains a fragrance-filled holiday garden by famous illustrator Oh You. The sensuous and lively color combination that contrasts with the existing concise and simple image of Roy B stands out.

Among them, sales of the ‘Eau de Parfum Mini Discovery Set Scented Garden Edition’, where you can enjoy all 6 signature fragrances of Roy B, increased by 500 % compared to the same set sold in December . This product consists of 6 miniatures that allow you to experience popular perfumes such as Peony & White Musk, Roy B’s best-selling eau de parfum, Bergamot & White Rose, and Mandarin & Sandalwood. It is a product that has been released in limited quantities at around 600 Olive Young stores nationwide , and is expected to be sold out early. An official from Shinsegae International said, “The beauty limited edition set released at the end of the year is popular as it specially consists of popular products or reorganizes them into eye-catching and sensuous packages.” “We released it in a witty limited edition package targeting the younger generation and received a great response from customers.”

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