Will superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s (Al-Nasr) lost sense of free kicks never return until he retires?

Ronaldo’s inaccurate free kick again attracted attention.

Ronaldo took a free kick opportunity near the penalty area during the 6th round of the 2023-2024 Saudi Professional League against Alaed held at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Burayad, Saudi Arabia on the 17th (Korean time).

Ronaldo swung his right foot aiming for the top left corner of his goal. The fast-flying ball slightly missed the goal and hit the head of a cameraman who was filming behind the goal. The cameraman stumbled from great shock. The surrounding officials, players, and spectators were all shocked.

Fans immediately compared him to Ronaldo’s ‘eternal rival’ Lionel Messi (Inter Miami). There were reactions such as “It looks like the cameraman will take Messi’s side from now on” and “If it had been Messi, the cameraman’s head would have been safe.”

Even during his first days at Manchester United and in his early days at Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored numerous goals with his trademark free kicks.

However, at some point, the sharpness of Ronaldo’s free kicks became dull. It was common for them to be blocked by the defensive wall or miss the goal line by a wide margin.

The last time Ronaldo scored from a free kick while wearing an Al-Nasr uniform was against Abkhazia last March.소닉카지노

It was a free kick goal scored nearly a year after the Norwich City match in April 2022 during his Manchester United days.

Although Ronaldo failed to score a free kick, he found the net in an in-play situation. Sadio Mane’s first goal and Talisca’s additional goal gave Al Nasr a 2-0 lead in the 33rd minute of the second half. Al-Nasr gave up a penalty to Mohamed Fuzair in the 44th minute of the second half, winning with a 3-1 score and running for 4 consecutive wins. Due to two consecutive losses in the first half of the game, the ranking remained in 6th place.

Ronaldo, who scored goals in four consecutive league games, is the sole leading scorer with a total of seven goals. Mane is tied for second with six goals, and Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad) has three goals.

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