“I didn’t do it alone.”

Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho (50) has been in charge of the ‘Eagle Corps’ since May 12th. He has led the team as an acting manager during the 2020 season, but this is the first time he has taken the helm as an official commander.

After the sacking of his predecessor, coach Carlos Subero, Choi quickly rectified the chaotic team atmosphere and achieved a rebound of the team. He commanded 46 games until the 11th and achieved a good record of 22 wins, 3 draws and 21 losses. Although the margin of victory and defeat is only ‘+1’, personally, I marked a 50% win rate and raised the team’s overall win rate to the mid-40% range (0.452 33 wins, 4 draws and 40 losses).

Of course, this is not an achievement achieved only by Choi’s ability. The driving force was diverse, such as the successful replacement of foreign players and the domestic players who overcame the sluggishness at the beginning of the season and rebounded. However, it is an undeniable fact that Director Choi’s share was substantial.

Since his appointment, coach Choi has worked tirelessly to find ‘successful odds’ in managing the team. In the process of utilizing domestic players, he preferentially appointed players who stood out even a little bit rather than vaguely giving them even opportunities. Based on the idea that “a player with a good sense should pull as much as possible,” he caught the rising rhythm of the players and actively utilized it.

Naturally, the players worked hard to maintain their best condition. Except for Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong, there were no clear starters in the field and in the field. Coach Choi revived even special hits on weekday nights and induced players to take the lead in ‘creating opportunities’ themselves. Even players who have won the main title in the past could not be an exception to the special hit.

Director Choi, who solidified the foundation work of Yasujin again, speeded up the reconstruction of the mound as a pitcher expert. Not only did he increase the utilization of foreign one-two punches, but he also gradually added skill to the management of the domestic pitching staff. He adjusted the starting matchup through data, and if the selection collapsed, the bullpen was put in early to seize the victory. Quite an impressive move for a rookie director.안전놀이터

In a phone call with Sports Dong-A on the 11th, coach Choi gave credit to the team, saying, “It was an achievement made by the players rather than me.” He then thanked another ‘hidden contributor’. He said, “My former coach, Carlos Subero, gave young players a lot of experience in various positions. Thanks to Subero, I was able to run the team with a little more risk. I would like to express my gratitude to Subero in that respect.”

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