SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol drew attention to the defense of Lotte outfielder Yoon Dong-hee (20) several times during the Lotte-KIA game in Busan over the past two or three days. He praised the outfielder’s defense for being a full-time outfielder in the professional ranks.

Yoon was drafted in the third round, 24th overall, in 2022 after graduating from Yatap Go. He has good size and athleticism. He was a shortstop in high school but switched to the outfield to survive in the pros, but his defense is pretty solid. He stood out for his ability to take a step back to handle balls that went directly over his head, and for his accurate and quick delivery to Cutman when he hit.

Commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, “She’s quick and has good shoulders, and she has enough qualities to step up to the plate. She has good feet and shoulders, and she has enough qualities to become a mainstay.” In the two- and three-day games, Yoon’s defense helped the team win.

In 27 games, he went 22-for-75 with a .293 batting average, six RBIs, five runs scored, a .671 OPS, and a .333 slugging percentage. He still needs to improve at the plate, striking out six times in the three-game home series against KIA from February 2-4. But for now, his defense and baserunning should fuel Lotte’s improvement.

Yoon has benefited from injuries to foreign hitters Jack Rex and Hwang Seong-bin to earn playing time with the first team. Even though Hwang Sung-bin is back, Ahn Kwon-soo has faltered, so Yoon Dong-hee’s playing time is still guaranteed. With Yoon and rookie Kim Min-seok in the outfield alongside Hwang, there is room for veteran Jeon Jun-woo to slot in as the designated hitter.

In the past, when Lotte has been good, including briefly in the early 2010s under Jerry Royster, it has been driven by the destructive power of its bats. 토토사이트Their weaknesses were in the outfield, defense, and on the mound. But this season is different. The offense is nowhere near the power it once was.

Instead, we have players with good contact, players who can run the bases, players who are quick, and players who play solid defense. In other words, the team has definitely improved. Yoon Dong-hee is also a quiet boost.

When Rex returns, Yoon’s playing time may decrease. However, it is meaningful that Lotte has created an environment where players like this can be discovered, used, and gain experience. It’s an environment where it’s okay to give them a spot if they’re not hitting well. In any case, Lotte is doing well, and Yoon is gaining meaningful experience and identifying her strengths and weaknesses. Lotte is definitely not what it used to be.

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