The Los Angeles Angels, who were driven to ‘district championship 3.1% and postseason advance 14.7%’, started running to advance to the postseason after 9 years.

U.S. Sports Illustrated (SI) reported on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time) that the Los Angeles Angels are aiming to advance to the postseason instead of Ohtani’s trade.

According to this, the Los Angeles Angels recently had serious concerns over whether to trade Ohtani. The conclusion was that he was aiming for the postseason instead of trading Ohtani.

There are many opinions here that the Los Angeles Angels did not have the price they wanted. No other team has offered a top-class prospect for a half-year rental.

After that, the Los Angeles Angels moved quickly. Hours after the above report, they acquired Lucas Giolito, 29, and Reinaldo Lopez, 29, from the Chicago White Sox.

Reinforcing selection and salvation at the same time. The buyer team recruited the seller team’s ‘half-year rental’ players. It means protecting Ohtani and challenging to advance to the postseason.

Also, the players the Los Angeles Angels gave away through this trade are top prospects in the team. Considering that the two recruited pitchers are rented for half a year, it can be said that it is excessive bleeding.

The trade market has not yet closed. As a result, there is a good chance that the Los Angeles Angels will reinforce their power with another trade.메이저놀이터

There are reports that the Los Angeles Angels will acquire Jamer Candelario (30) from the Washington Nationals to fill the void left by Anthony Rendon.

However, despite these reinforcements, the chances of the Los Angeles Angels advancing to the postseason are slim. This is because it is ranked 3rd in the district and 6th in the wild card.

Accordingly, in the U.S. predicted a 14.7% chance of the Los Angeles Angels advancing to the postseason by this day. The same number as the Seattle Mariners, 4th in the same district.

These projections are not based solely on current performance. Houston, second in the district, has a higher chance of advancing to the postseason than Texas, which ranks first.

In other words, not only the current grades, but also the basic strength and momentum of the team were all taken into consideration. The Los Angeles Angels declared a buyer in this situation.

Attention is focusing on whether the Los Angeles Angels, with a 3.1% chance of winning the division and a 14.7% chance of advancing to the postseason, will not regret their decision today.

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