The future of Ansu Fati, who was considered the successor of Lionel Messi, has become uncertain.

The Spanish media ‘Sport’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that “Barcelona is seriously considering selling him despite Partey’s will to remain.”스포츠토토

Partey has been evaluated as a player who will lead the future of Barcelona in the future. Coming from his Barcelona youth team, he scored 8 goals in his 19/20 season, which was his first-team debut season, and was also considered his greatest talent of all time.

He was also hailed as Messi’s successor. In 2021, right after Lionel Messi left, the party inherited number 10, raising expectations as a player who will lead the new era.

It was an injury that held the party back. Partey has not been able to get back on his feet since suffering a meniscus injury last season 20/21. His growth also slowed noticeably.

Even last season, it was difficult to find any signs of his revival. Rather, he spent more time on the bench rather than starting. He made 36 appearances in the league, but scored only 7 goals.

The future at Barcelona is uncertain. Barcelona are struggling financially, so they considered selling the party to collect the proceeds from the transfer fee.

He even showed up to a team that said he would recruit the party. According to this report, an unnamed English Premier League club offered Barcelona a transfer fee of over 50 million euros (approximately 72.8 billion won) for Partey’s signing.

Barcelona are in trouble. The media opened up the possibility of the party’s transfer, saying, “If Barcelona is the amount proposed, the club can secure leeway in terms of the total salary and funds for recruiting new players.”

It seems that the party’s sale is putting weight on it. The future of the party has become more uncertain due to the lack of serious transfer proposals for Rafinha and Ferran Torres, which were initially considered for sale.

The variable is the will of the parties. Despite not being able to guarantee playing time this season, it is said that Partey wants to remain at Barcelona and prove his worth once again.

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