‘Listen to YouTube’… Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Next Commanding Tower Criteria

Heungkuk Life Insurance, a women’s professional volleyball player, presented the standard for the next command tower. You have to love YouTube, which points out tactics, to be qualified to lead Heungkuk Life Insurance.

When Heungkuk Life Insurance fired manager Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd, the command tower position became vacant. After half of the season, 토토 Heungkuk Life Insurance was in second place after Hyundai E&C. The difference in points was only 3 points. However, Heungkuk Life Insurance kicked the command tower out of the team, talking about ‘direction’.

“It is true that there was a conflict (between former coach Kwon and former general manager Kim Yeo-il) about the management of the squad,” he said. “They disagreed about the rotation.”

Shin Yong-jun, the new head of Heungkuk Life Insurance, met with reporters ahead of the 4th round match between GS Caltex and’Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ women’s division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 5th and explained the reason for former coach Kwon’s hardship.

At the same time, he explained, “It seems that there was an opinion from the fans that it is not good for Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena to be in the avant-garde together.”

General manager Shin did not take former general manager Kim’s involvement in the rotation seriously. Rather, he recognized it as an act that would not be a problem.

He expressed his thoughts, “I know there were a lot of things that fans asked for. And since I have to win, I think the advice went to those parts for the purpose of winning.”

What Heungkuk Life Insurance trusted more than the director’s tactics was YouTube. Regarding the rotation confrontation, Shin said, “Fans talked about it on YouTube too. Looking at other things, fans talked about that a lot. I know that people around me talk a lot too.”

Then, when asked if the fans’ story is closer to winning than the manager’s, he said firmly, “Yes.”

Summarizing the words of Director Shin, the person who will move as YouTube informs is the right person for Heungkuk Life Insurance’s command tower. If you adhere to your own volleyball philosophy, you will be classified as a commanding tower that does not match the direction of the club.

Head coach Lee Young-soo, who led the team in place of former coach Kwon, also announced his resignation after the GS Caltex game. There is no supervisor now.

Director Shin said, “When a new director is appointed, there will be a philosophy, and there will be a management method that has been used for a long time.” said.

The first question the next command tower will receive at an official event has already been decided.