It’s usually most convenient to get out of town on major holidays, but it’s worth being flexible with the dates you choose. That’s because accommodation prices usually spike around the big holidays and drop again shortly thereafter. Book your Kicking Horse Ski Resort accommodations, flights and lift tickets in advance so you can surf at the best time.

Tip #2 – Book Kicking Horse Ski Resort accommodations directly with the landlord

Of course, you can stay at the hotel. However, consider booking your Kicking Horse ski accommodation directly with the homeowner, and you’ll often be paying a lower per night rate while avoiding unnecessary brokerage fees and taxes.

You can also experience the Kicking Horse ski area from the comfort of fully furnished condos that include full kitchens, TVs and other amenities. And don’t forget Most owners have free parking, but most rental managers and hotels have an extra nightly parking fee.

Tip #3 – Split the cost and invite a friend (or two) to Kicking Horse Ski Resort.

You may have heard the saying that two people is a company and three people is a crowd. However, if you decide to share the cost of your Kicking Horse ski stay with other friends, the total booking price will drop significantly. Buying a larger property and adding two people can save you hundreds of dollars by spreading the cost out. And what’s a ski resort vacation without a few friends to share it with?

Tip #4 – Entertainment Pack

Keeping your kids entertained between hitting the ski slopes can be an expensive affair. Television and movie rentals are usually safe alternatives to going out. But you should also pack a number of fun alternatives to help with slower times, such as a few classic board games or a deck of cards. After all, there’s nothing like an evening of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit after exploring the Kicking Horse ski area.

메이저놀이터 Tip #5 Prepare Your Own Meals

This is a killer. Eating out is generally considered one of the quickest ways to burn a hole in your wallet. The easiest alternative is to book your Kicking Horse ski accommodation directly with the owners and use the fully equipped kitchen to prepare your meals. Aren’t there a lot of cooks? Do not worry. Search online for some simple recipes before you visit. Then you will be surprised. (in a good way).

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