“(Oh) Ji-hwan, I’m so proud of you,” LG Oh Ji-hwan’s high school teacher conveyed his sincerity.

Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins won the Golden Glove in the shortstop category at the 2022 KBO League Golden Glove Awards Ceremony held at the COEX Auditorium in Seoul on the 9th. He received a landslide first place, receiving 246 votes (78.6%) out of a total of 313 valid votes.

He joined LG 1st 1st in 2009 and was honored with the Golden Glove Award 13 years after his debut. In particular, it is the LG shortstop Golden Glove that came out 23 years after Ryu Ji-hyun (former LG coach) in 1999.

Oh Ji-hwan played in 142 games this season and recorded a batting average of 0.269 (133 hits in 494 at-bats), 25 homers, 87 RBIs, 75 runs, 20 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.827 (slugging percentage + on-base percentage). He also succeeded in joining the home run-20 stolen base club.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “I had many opportunities while playing the season as a starter for 14 years, but it seems to have blossomed late.”

Then, how does Oh Ji-hwan’s high school teacher remember him?

Director Kwak Yeon-soo (currently coach of Dongducheon Sinheung High School), who served as the coach of Gyeonggi High School at the time and is still 메이저놀이터 a high school baseball coach, said in a phone call with a reporter on the evening of the 13th that Oh Ji-hwan “played baseball harder than anyone else and was a player full of spirit.” he explained.

He continued, “I once saw (Oh) Ji-hwan huffing down in front of school on a day off without exercise. When I asked why he was angry, Ji-hwan replied, ‘Tee-bar/Put a baseball on a tee to practice batting. I was angry that I couldn’t practice because the equipment) was broken,” he replied. I solved the anecdote with the late Oh Ji-hwan.

In addition, coach Kwak remembered, “He was a friend who always cried on rainy days because he couldn’t practice. Oh Ji-hwan was a player who showed passion for baseball and was full of evil.”

Oh Ji-hwan’s performance in high school was outstanding regardless of pitching. In particular, he showed his talent by establishing himself as a starting player from the first grade.

Manager Kwak Yeon-soo said, “Because his shoulder was a very good player, he also showed activity on the mound. In particular, his defensive ability was the best in high school baseball.”

However, in the early stages of his professional debut, Oh Ji-hwan was criticized by many for his frequent mistakes. At the time, some in the baseball world frequently argued that he should be converted to an outfielder.

However, Oh Ji-hwan did his best without giving up, and eventually, as time passed, he became the league’s leading shortstop.

Regarding this, coach Kwak commented, “Usually, it takes 4-5 years for a high school graduate shortstop to establish himself as a professional player, and it is difficult to stand straight. Ji-hwan is rather remarkable because he has established himself quickly compared to other players.” did.

Finally, coach Kwak said to Oh Ji-hwan, “There must have been a lot of difficult times, but on the other hand, trying to overcome them was touching from the teacher’s point of view.” I hope I won’t forget that in the future.”

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