Cho Kyu-sung is receiving interest from Italian Serie A clubs. He rose to prominence in the big leagues.

Italian media ‘Calcioline’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “What if there was a place for a Korean soccer player in Genoa’s future? Anything is possible in soccer. He made headlines by scoring a goal against Saudi Arabia in the last A match. “This is a story about a Korean striker, Kyu-Sung Cho,” he said, referring to Kyu-Sung Cho.

He continued, “He has just taken his first steps after moving to Midtjylland. Cho Gyu-sung, who can play as a central striker and winger, would be interested in the big league. Genoa can also provide him with this opportunity. He will be ranked 6th in 2028. “He is under contract until March, but his current value would not exceed 5 million euros, so maybe a deal could be possible,” he added.

Genoa is a Serie A team. They were relegated to the second division in the 2021-22 season, but succeeded in being promoted again this season. At the beginning of the season, they are in 13th place with 1 win, 1 draw, and 2 losses. Although the last championship dates back a long time, it is a prestigious Italian club that has won a total of 9 titles. While I was thinking about scoring ability to stay, I paid attention to Cho Gyu-seong.

Cho Gyu-seong is Korea’s key striker. He played at FC Anyang and grew up at Jeonbuk Hyundai. After enlisting in the military as a managing director in Gimcheon, his potential began to unfold in earnest. He complemented his physicality and played an active role as a goal scorer, and he also became the top scorer in K League 1 last year, setting a career high.

The national team has gradually solidified its position starting in 2021. Afterwards, he made it to the Qatar World Cup and became a star. The scene where he came on as a substitute in the first game of the World Cup against Uruguay aroused great interest. Afterwards, he scored two header goals against Ghana in the second game. Korea lost the match, but Cho Kyu-sung became a star by scoring the first multiple goals in a World Cup, garnering a lot of attention.

During the winter, there was interest from several European clubs. Jae-Sung Lee also moved actively in Mainz. After careful consideration, Cho Gyu-seong decided to select the summer transfer market after consultation with the club. He suffered an injury after the start of the season and was unable to play for a while, but after his return, he regained his senses.

After completing his stay with Jeonbuk Hyundai last July, his dream trip to Europe was confirmed. His destination was Twiland, Denmark. He is continuing a good trend in Denmark, recording 4 goals and 1 assist in 7 games since the opening. He furthered his career by participating in the UEFA Europa League (UECL) qualifiers. He is consistently recording attack points, proving his competitiveness in the Nordic league.

Cho Kyu-sung’s performance is also recognized in Denmark. Danish media ‘tipsbladet’ selected Cho Gyu-sung, who scored a goal, as the best moment of the game against Viborg on the 16th. The media said: “Simsir also had a good game with excellent dribbling, but it was South Korea’s Cho Gyu-sung who showed himself best with all his good moves, apart from the goals. This is promising compared to when he settled in among his new team-mates. “It is,” he said, highlighting Jo Gyu-seong.

Even during the September international match, Cho Gyu-seong showed more activity. He played as a starter in both games. Cho Gyu-sung, who played top two with Son Heung-min, played 73 minutes in the last match against Wales. In the match against Saudi Arabia, he scored as a header when his teammates’ pass bounced off the opposing defender. Thanks to Cho Kyu-sung’s first goal, Korea won 1-0, their first win in six games since Jurgen Klinsmann took office.소닉카지노

Italy also showed interest in the Saudi war. Roberto Mancini, the head coach of the Saudi national team, is a world-class Italian coach. As many eyes added, the Calcio line also paid attention to Cho Kyu-sung, who scored. It is not likely that he will be able to head to the European big leagues right away, but if he continues to improve, the opportunity may come at any time.

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