“Is Irving nice?” Legend Abdul-Jabbar’s ‘Fact Assault’

“Irving is nice? In fact, Irving may be a nice person. But this approach is meaningless. He should be fully evaluated only by his remarks.

” Abdul-Jabbar left a factual assault on Irving and the fans who blindly defend him.

According to local media Sportskeeda’s report on the 17th (Korean time), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke negatively about Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn). 토토사이트 Abdul-Jabbar is an NBA legend. He played in 1560 career games, averaging 24.6 points and 11.2 rebounds. He ranks first in the NBA’s all-time scoring list (38387).

Abdul-Jabbar said, “Irving may be the nicest kid in the world when he’s at home and with his friends. But if he decides to express those (negative) opinions to the world, he should be judged only by his words.” left This is a very philosophical and profound statement.

Irving is one of the league’s leading troublemakers, and his remarks are so numerous that it’s impossible to list them all.

His flat-earth theory is a matter of lack of knowledge and obstinacy, but not wrong. However, it can be said that it is a serious problem that anyone can see that they are doing wrong things, such as promoting anti-Semitic movies on social media or leaving the team without notice.

And that’s not all. He had trouble with all the directors he met, including Brad Stevens, Steve Nash, and Kenny Atkinson, and often left interviews demeaning his colleagues. As a result, the image is not good in the league.

However, some Irving fans argued that Irving is a really warm player if you get to know him based on his donation history.

In fact, Irving gives a lot, and is known to his entourage as a really warm person. But Abdul-Jabbar coolly asks what these factors mean in evaluating his remarks. Abdul-Jabbar emphasized that he should take full responsibility for the comments and actions he left on the public platform, and the focus should not be shifted elsewhere.