There was another aspect to the evaluation of ‘fan heart’ and ‘industry colleagues’. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has confirmed and unveiled the ‘Best 12’ for the 2023 All-Star Game.

On the 26th,토토체험머니 KBO officially announced the ‘Best 12’ lineup to participate in the 2023 KBO All-Star Game. The best 12 was determined through the sum of the ‘fan vote’ and the ‘team vote’ in which managers, coaches and players from 10 clubs participated. Fan voting was held from the 5th to the previous day (25th), and the voting for the players was conducted at 5 stadiums where KBO League games were held from the 13th to the 15th. Valid votes are 2,392,236 fan votes and 355 team votes.

Along with the fan voting results, there is an indicator to pay attention to, the team voting results. The results of the team voting are also very symbolic. It is because the meaning is different in that the colleagues who run together directly acknowledged it. Naturally, there are conflicting results with fans.
◆ Dream All-Stars (SSG, Lotte, Doosan, KT, Samsung): Lotte 7, Samsung 2, SSG, KT, Doosan 1 eachUnfortunately, in the Dream All-Stars (SSG, Lotte, Doosan, KT, Samsung), the pitcher’s fan sentiment and the team’s vote were mixed. First, as the starting pitcher, Park Se-woong (Lotte) received 931,724 votes and was chosen by the most fans. However, in the team vote, Alcantara (Doosan) took first place with 102 votes. In the middle pitcher category, Koo Seung-min (Lotte) ranked first with 946,981 votes, but the team sided with KT Park Young-hyun. Park Young-hyun received 150 votes. In terms of closer pitcher, Won-joong Kim of ‘Lotte Closer’ won 1,030,691 votes, but in the team vote, 165 votes went to Jin-yong Seo of ‘SSG Closer’.

The catcher’s heart was the same as that of the fans. Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) won 842,726 votes and 152 votes, respectively, surpassing Yoo Kang-nam (Lotte) and Kang Min-ho (Samsung) to take first place in total points. However, with 137 votes for Kang Min-ho, there was only a difference of 15 votes from Eui-ji Yang.

At first base, Ko Seung-min (Lotte) took first place in the fan vote with 801,005 votes, but in the team vote, KT’s veteran Park Byung-ho (151 votes) beat Doosan’s Yang Seok-hwan (105 votes) to take first place. In the end, Park Byeong-ho was selected as the best 12, ahead of Go Seung-min in the total score.

The second baseman and shortstop also had mixed results. An Chi-hong (Lotte) was first with 1,088,706 votes, but Kim Ji-chan (134 votes) received more support than An Chi-hong (85 votes) in the team vote. Even at shortstop, Noh Jin-hyeok took first place with 1,044,286 votes (64 votes for the team), but the players sided with SSG Park Seong-han (108 votes).

On the other hand, there was no difference between the third baseman and the designated hitter. Third baseman, SSG Choi Jeong took first place with 1,049,808 votes and 222 votes, and Lotte Jeon Jun-woo, designated hitter, took first place with 1,129,737 votes and 156 votes.

In the outfield, Koo Ja-wook of Samsung (970,157 votes), Lotte Kim Min-seok (925,811 votes), and Samsung Pirella (751,460 votes) won the hearts of the fans, but the best outfielder selected by the players was Heredia (SSG). . Heredia received 173 votes and ranked first in the outfield team voting, beating Pirella (167 votes), SSG Choi Ji-hoon (151 votes), Koo Ja-wook (148

◆ Sharing All-Stars (LG, NC, KIA, Kiwoom, Hanwha): 4 KIA, 2 from Kiwoom, LG, NC, HanwhaSharing All-Stars (LG, NC, KIA, Kiwoom, Hanwha) also drew attention with mixed results. As for the starting pitcher, Yang Hyeon-jong ranked first in fan opinion (927,045 votes), but the team chose Kiwoom An Woo-jin, with a difference of 141 votes (Ahn Woo-jin 164 votes, Yang Hyeon-jong 23 votes).

In the middle pitcher category, KIA Choi Ji-min ranked first in the fan vote with 1,092,133 votes (127 votes for the team), but Park Myung-geun of LG (133 votes) took first place in the team vote. The closing pitcher also had a different mindset from the fans and the players. KIA Jung Hae-young (912,951 votes) took first place in the fan vote, but LG Go Woo-seok (180 votes) ranked first in the team vote. In the end, Go Woo-seok was selected as the final best 12 with a slight lead by 0.38 points (Ko Woo-seok 29.88 points, Jung Hae-young 29.50 points) in the total score.

As for the catcher, Park Dong-won of LG occupied the overwhelming first place in both the fan vote (931,193 votes) and the team vote (221 votes). 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman, and designated hitter also had the same fan spirit and team selection. Second baseman Kim Hye-seong (994,760 votes, 231 votes), third baseman Hanwha Noh Si-hwan (960,509 votes, 181 votes), and designated hitter KIA Choi Hyung-woo (1,021,304 votes, 168 votes) stood at the top respectively. .

On the other hand, first baseman Chae Eun-seong (1,066,247 votes, 130 votes) received the most support from fans, but the team cast the most votes for LG foreign batter Austin (157 votes). In the shortstop category, NC Kim Joo-won (884,038 votes, 109 team votes) received fewer team votes than Oh Ji-hwan (360,473 votes, 169 team votes), but received support from many fans. In the end, Kim Joo-won was selected as the best 12, ahead in total points (Kim Joo-won 35.08 points, Oh Ji-hwan 24.83 points).

In the outfield, Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo was overwhelming. Selected as Best 12 for 5 consecutive seasons and 6th overall. Lee Jung-hoo took first place in the fan vote with a high vote rate of 1,242,579 (51.9%) out of 2,392,236 fan votes. In the team vote, he ranked first with 276 votes (77.7%) out of 355 votes. It was the second time in history that it ranked first in both the fan vote and the team vote, following Doosan Eui-ji Yang in 2018. In addition, the 276 votes Lee Jung-hoo received from the players was the highest ever team vote and vote rate, far exceeding the 236 votes of NC Na Seong-beom in 2016 and Samsung Pirella in 2022. In addition, KIA Socrates (1,096,488 votes, 148 votes) and Park Geon-woo (906,450 votes, 151 votes) ranked second and third respectively in total points.꽁머니사이트

Lotte Kim Min-seok is the 4th best 12 of all time as a high school graduate rookie (previously KIA An Chi-hong in 2009, Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo in 2017, LG Jung Woo-young in 2019), and was selected as the high school graduate new hitter’s best 12 in 6 years after high school senior Lee Jeong-hoo in 2017. . The best 12 was strong, with Lotte and KIA taking first place in a total of 7 categories and KIA in 4 categories, respectively. By club, 7 Lotte, 2 Samsung, 1 each from SSG, KT, and Doosan were selected from Dream All-Star, and 4 KIA and 2 each from Kiwoom, LG, NC, and Hanwha were selected from Nanum All-Star. Park Se-woong, Noh Jin-hyuk, Kim Min-seok, Choi Ji-min, Kim Hye-seong, and Kim Joo-won were honored to be selected in the Best 12 for the first time since their debut in the KBO League.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited 2023 KBO All-Star Game will be held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 15th of next month.

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