KIA Tigers left-hander Lee Yi-ri (21) has been suspended for a headshot and the starting pitching order has been changed.

Before the Gwangju game against the 안전놀이터 LG Twins on the 26th, manager Kim Jong-kook said, “Lee Yi-ri will start next Tuesday (against KT Gwangju). Yoon Young-cheol, who starts that day, will be pushed back a day to Wednesday.”

Lee was automatically ejected from the game against the Hanwha Eagles on April 25 after hitting Kim In-hwan in the helmet with no outs in the bottom of the second inning. It was a futile end to the game after 22 pitches.

Due to his low pitch count, the rotation was changed to allow him to pitch on four days’ rest. The original order was Yoon Young-chul, followed by Lee Yi-ri, Menida, Yang Hyun-jong, and Anderson. Now, Lee will pitch after Anderson.

Kim said, “I thought about the bullpen pitching concept, but I have to protect the rotation of the other starters. We are preparing according to our routine. We just need to give Young-cheol one more day.” ‘

Prior to the game, KIA removed bullpen pitchers Jeon Sang-hyun and Kim Ki-hoon from the roster. Jeon was rested due to shoulder discomfort, and Kim Ki-hoon was used to adjust the balance.

Lee’s headshot ejection the day before had depleted the bullpen. Instead of sending them down, the team called up Park Jun-pyo and Kim Yoo-shin to bolster the bullpen.

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