Han Hee-won, who faced ‘Basketball 9th ​​Dan’, 2G consecutive 10+ points in 1773 days… Foundation for KT’s 6 consecutive victories

It was as director Seo Dong-chul’s solemn resolution was, “Today will be different.” KT finally reported its first win against KGC. Han Hee-won also put a dagger at his former team, KGC.

Suwon KT won 85-83 after a close match in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league away game against Anyang KGC held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 6th. 7th place KT increased the team’s most consecutive wins this season to 6 and reduced the ride with 6th place Goyang Carrot to 0.5 games.

It was a head-to-head confrontation between teams on the rise. KT has been on a five-game winning streak since changing the foreign player guild to 토토사이트 Jarrod Jones and Lester Prosper. Based on this, not only did they succeed in getting out of last place at once, but the leap to the middle ranks was just around the corner. KGC also overcame the crisis at the beginning of the 3rd round and continued its solo system with 4 consecutive wins. Prior to the game on this day, the number of rides against second place Changwon LG was 3.5 games.

KT was weak against KGC this season. Only the first game (68-70) was a relatively close game, and the second and third games were complete defeats by more than 10 points. Coach Seo Dong-cheol also said, “KGC is a team made up of ‘9th dan basketball players’. Overall, he has both skill and spirit, including shooting and defense. This is the best basketball team. There is a reason for being at the forefront,” he said, leaving a favorable review for KGC.

However, compared to the 3rd game, KT was a completely different team. Due to the replacement of foreign players, Ha Yoon-gi’s scoring route widened, and Yang Hong-seok also regained his firepower to go back and forth. Director Seo Dong-cheol also expressed his determination, saying, “Director Kim Sang-shik is a close friend, but today will be different.”

KT won a new victory according to coach Seo Dong-cheol’s aspirations. In the third quarter, he made a series of mistakes at the end, providing an excuse for pursuit, but in the fourth quarter, he regained his firepower and continued to rise after a close fight.

Han Hee-won’s performance cannot be overlooked. Han Hee-won, who announced an unusual start with 13 points including three 3-pointers in the first quarter, left her seat in the second quarter to prepare for the second half. Then, in the 4th quarter, he showed off his presence. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, he made a 3-point shot that poured cold water on KGC, followed by a clean finish to give KT a 10-point lead (76-66).

The final score is 18 points. This was Han Hee-won’s most goals this season. The previous record was 16 points recorded in the match against Carrot in Goyang on the 1st. Han Hee-won contributed to KT’s 6th consecutive victory by breaking his own record again in the next game after writing his most points this season.

In addition, it was only 1773 days since the match against Seoul SK on February 28, 2018 that Han Hee-won scored in double digits in two consecutive games. It was the first time after transferring to KT. Even KGC is the team Han Hee-won was in until he was traded to KT. For Han Hee-won, it became a double-digit score in two consecutive games that were meaningful in many ways.