Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, which is on a steep rise, is aiming to recover the 50% win rate. Will they be able to recreate the 2nd round confrontation against Seoul Samsung, which is clearly on the decline?

▶Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (9-10, 6th place) vs Seoul Samsung (8-12 losses, 9th place) December 14th (

Wed) 7pm, Daegu Gymnasium SPOTV / SPOTV ON
– 56 days when Gas Corporation wins 50% win rate recovered in 1st time
– KOGAS raised firepower, average 88.5 points in 3 rounds
– Jung-Hyun Lee’s shoulders are heavy

KOGAS is a team with a strong momentum recently, along with Anyang KGC and Seoul SK. With 7 wins in the last 10 games, it is close to recovering the 50% win rate. If they defeat Samsung, they will run for their second 3 consecutive wins this season and rise to a 50% win rate. KOGAS’ 50% win rate was the only time when it recorded 1 win and 1 loss with a victory against Wonju DB on October 19, the second game of this season.

The firepower of KOGAS is increasing with each round. KOGAS, which scored 78.7 points in the first round, scored 80.9 points in eight games in the second round. It’s still only two games, but he’s averaging 88.5 points in the third round. KOGAS is also the only team to score 100 or more points twice in the last 10 games.

The environment is also favorable for gas construction. Gas Corporation will play another home game following the 9th (DB) and 11th (KGC). Gas Corporation is scheduled to play 6 games at home until the 21st. In the first round against Samsung, he lost with only 70 points, but in the second round, he scored the most points for the team this season and won 106-75.

On the other hand, Samsung, which became an injured ward with Lee Won-seok leaving, is continuing a difficult time. In the meantime, the team fell into a 4-game losing streak, the most of the team in the season, and only 1 win and 7 losses in the last 8 games, and fell to 7th place. If you beat Gas Corporation, you can rise to 7th place alone and reduce the ride with 6th place Gas Corporation to 0.5 games, but if you lose, you will be 9th without a ride with 10th place Suwon KT.

Even during the losing streak, Samsung’s unique swamp basketball was still the same. Samsung scored an average of 77.1 points, ranking second in this category following Changwon LG (76.9 points). During the four-game losing streak, he allowed 75.5 runs, which was less than the season average.

The problem was the attack. It is said that defense is important, but in the end, basketball is a sport in which you have to score at least one more point than your opponent to win. Sam Seo-eun, who is at the bottom of the scoring category 토토사이트 with 73.3 points, averaged only 67 points during the 4 consecutive losses. It is said that the process of recruiting foreign players as a temporary replacement for Marcus Derrickson, who had a hiatus due to injury, is said to be at the end, but for now, the gas construction battle must also be endured by Emmanuel Terry alone.

In the game against LG on the 11th, Samsung was humiliated by 55 points, the minimum this season. It is important to maintain the team color to escape the losing streak, but the firepower of Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Si-rae must also be accompanied. In particular, there were many situations where Lee Jung-hyun’s condition made the difference between winning and losing. Lee Jeong-hyun averaged 14.4 points and two 3-pointers (38.1% success rate) in the 8 games Samsung won, but only 9.4 points and 1.4 3-pointers (23.3% success rate) in the 12 games Samsung lost. Samsung is trying again to escape its losing streak. Ace’s shoulders are heavy.

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