Maxwin already has thousands of active members and every day enjoys online gambling site services in a comfortable and convenient way as well as real money poker against other fellow members throughout Indonesia without admin intervention.

Maxwin uses fast servers and advanced technology to guarantee satisfaction and comfort in playing with us. Live casino games via streaming with professional beautiful dealers, soccer betting via sbobet and ibbebet, online poker gambling, and real money dark toto through the idn guarantee system 100% fairplay.

The most popular type of online lottery installation at Maxwin

  1. Odd even and big small

The odd-even lottery game is widely played by bettors from the world and Indonesia. It’s not difficult to understand the terms of the game. The players only need to guess the numbers resulting from the lottery, whether big-small or odd-even.

  1. Kemprіs flower

The installation of the deflated valve requires maintenance 안전놀이터 gacor which has been around for a long time. In this game, the bettor must guess the number that grows (gets bigger) on the first or last side and guesses the number that falls (gets smaller) on the next side.

  1. 50:50

Togel 50:50 is the installation of a gacor slot with special conditions, where players must use the betting market system that is in the game provisions for online lottery agents. Next, determine the predictions for the even-odd and small-even numbers that will be played.

  • 4d, 3d, 2d

4d 3d and 2d lottery installations are the most popular types of online lottery installations that are most played by lottery lovers both in Indonesia Europe as well as all countries in the world. In this game, players will get a number of prizes if they are able to guess the results of the gacor slot spending correctly for 2d, 3d and 4d categories.

  • Togel shio

The gacor shio slot is a type of gacor slot installation which is played by guessing the shio number from the 2d resulting from the gacor slot issue. Yes, the name of this zodiac lottery was taken because generally players get certain instincts in dreams that are related to animal zodiacs. Then the player will use the animal symbol to guess the last 2 numbers as a result of spending the gacor slot.

The 2d lottery requires players to guess the last 2 digits of the lottery output result. Meanwhile, the 3d lottery requires players to guess correctly the 3 digits behind the number resulting from the lottery issue.

  • Exact plug

The plug-in type gacor slot game is the same as the free plug-in game. The difference is that players need to guess one number correctly or 2 numbers correctly if what is being played is a 2d precise plug-in.

  • Kolok naga (3d)

Colok 3d or what is called Colok Naga is actually another name for gacor 3d slot gambling. The way to play is still the same, players must determine 3 numbers to guess, but the position of the numbers can be random or free.

  • Tengah skin

Middle edge is a type of online lottery installation that asks players to determine or guess the middle and edge numbers in 2d numbers. The middle number is divided into numbers 25-74, while the edge numbers are divided into 2, namely small edges 00-24 and big edges 75-99.

  • Macau plug (2d)

Free plug-in 2d or plug-in macau has a way of playing that is almost the same as plug-in-free. What’s different is that the players need to guess 2 numbers accurately from the number resulting from the lottery, where these 2 numbers are free in any position.


In the gacor maxwin slot site, you are very welcome to join and there are no complicated conditions, you just need to make sure that you are of the age permitted by the gacor maxwin slot site. Good luck.

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