On the 3rd, MHN Sports focused on the youth baseball team’s complete loss to Taiwan.

Based on the opinions of the Major League scout team who watched the game on-site at the time, it was emphasized that the national team’s appearance on the screen was different from before. So, he also pointed out that if things go wrong, high school baseball could face a crisis. In the Bonghwangdaegi held on the same day, more than 20 dead balls were thrown by both teams, and the quality issue with the performance itself was also mentioned.

However, as time passed, it was discovered later that there was an error in this view. There were no major problems with the national team, which originally aimed to win the championship. The bigger problem was the endless courage of the host country, Taiwan, and the complete(?) lack of management of WBSC, which was dragged along by it.

What if there were normal games, normal decisions,
and a normal schedule?

As time passed, WBSC’s lack of preparation for the competition was revealed in the fact that it failed to prepare for Taiwan’s bad summer weather for two consecutive years. The U-23 tournament held at the same location last year was also disrupted due to heavy rain in Taipei City. If we had known that fact, we should have prepared an alternative location and stadium in case of rainy weather in Taiwan, where a professional baseball team exists, and if that was not possible, we should have scheduled at least 2-3 days in reserve by referring to the weather forecast. In fact, in the case of Japan, if a competition is held during the rainy season or on a day when a typhoon lands, sufficient reserve days are secured to proceed with the competition. That was the case at the 2018 Miyazaki Games.

However, even after hearing the forecast that a typhoon was coming, WBSC pushed ahead with the competition without taking any action. This part shows how lax the competition headquarters was in its response. At the same time, there was even a move to strictly adhere to the Taiwan schedule. On the other hand, other countries were faithful to just watch and watch, regardless of whether they played a double header or not.

Here, every time a Taiwanese competition is held, something related to ‘the misjudgment of judgment’ follows like a tag. The national team has already made an absurd mistake in the 2016 Asian Championships held in Taiwan, with the first base umpire making an absurd mistake in an overtime match against Taiwan, declaring the last out count safe, resulting in a result similar to ‘match-fixing’. What is even more absurd is the fact that the person who made the miscarriage obediently acknowledged the miscarriage the next day. In the end, the national team ended the competition with a bronze medal as they missed all the games they could have won. However, Taiwan, which reached the finals, did not end up winning on home soil.

A similar situation continues this time. This is because circumstances have been captured in many places where one of the referees assigned to each national team game seems to be playing a ‘prank’. Even in the match against Taiwan, some people said, “If you look at it calmly, the situation was not one that deserved a 6-1 score.” Even though the match against Mexico was not a close game, there was also a story behind the fact that the team cried over the decision throughout the game and eventually won by a squeeze thanks to Cho Hyun-min (Chungam High School)’s ‘frog squeeze bunt’. It is worthy of raising suspicion that judgment disputes that do not occur even in Japan occur particularly frequently in Taiwan.

What’s even more absurd is that in Taipei, where the tournament is being held along with Taichung City, there is only one baseball stadium where the tournament is being held: Thien Mu Stadium. If the rainy weather continued in Taipei, in the worst case scenario, the winner could have been decided through a lottery.바카라

This is the current goal of WBSC, which is to organize world competitions and promote and promote baseball and softball around the world. Even though it has been a long time since the WBSC was launched by combining the two sports, there are still many shortcomings.

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