“CEO Young-pyo Lee hit the back of the head? CEO Young-pyo Lee recommended it”

Kim Byeong-ji, vice president of the Korea Football Association, was appointed as the new CEO of Gangwon FC.

Gangwon held a board of directors meeting on the 15th and unanimously approved the appointment of CEO Kim. The term of office for CEO Kim is two years from January 1 next year.

The gaze looking at CEO Kim now is ‘negative’. This is because former CEO Lee Young-pyo failed to renew the contract even though he had good results. Gangwon, led by CEO Lee, finished 6th, the highest score ever this season. In addition, CEO Lee laid the foundation for the growth of the club, such as attracting new sponsors.

The prevailing view is that it is an incomprehensible phenomenon that CEO Lee, who has achieved such results, resigns without any particular reason. This is the reason why there was fierce opposition from Gangwon fans, supporters, and local footballers.

Some predicted that 토토사이트 CEO Lee resigned for political reasons, and that the successor who would immediately succeed him would not be able to avoid criticism due to timing. Also, some fans are watching with suspicion that CEO Kim hit CEO Lee’s ‘back of the head’.

In response, CEO Kim directly revealed his position. In an interview with ‘My Daily’ on the 16th, CEO Kim opened his mouth about the truth and misunderstanding he had so far.

First, CEO Kim said, “I understand the negative reactions and gazes that are coming out right now. I understand the hearts of the fans. CEO Lee did very well. It can be because of the atmosphere of leaving in such a situation.”

In the meantime, he explained step by step the process of coming to the representative.

Representative Kim said, “Actually, I quit my position as vice president of the Football Association and tried to help CEO Lee. CEO Lee first proposed to me. The position was Gangwon Technical Director. It is necessary to set the direction of the technical director in the K-League, so CEO Lee He asked me to play that role. So my heart was shaken. I thought a lot.”

In accepting the position of technical director, CEO Kim had one ‘prerequisite’.

CEO Kim said, “My precondition was that I would not go unless CEO Lee renews the contract. Then, CEO Lee said that he would give me a three-year contract regardless of my term of office. But I said I couldn’t do it. Only with CEO Lee can I help, How can I help if there is no representative Lee?

If CEO Lee had been reappointed, CEO Kim would have taken on the role of technical director. However, this representative was not reappointed. The role of technical director has also disappeared. Afterwards, CEO Kim was contacted from Gangwon. He was contacted to take over as the representative of Gangwon.

CEO Kim recalled, “I received a representative offer from Gangwon. I called CEO Lee first. I asked, ‘What should I do?'”

Then, CEO Lee replied to CEO Kim as follows.

“I recommend it unconditionally. Only then can I connect what I have done. If someone who does not know football comes, I cannot maintain what I have done for the past two years, and another problem may arise.”

President Kim, who was deeply troubled, hardened his mind after hearing this. He confessed, “Many people do not know this story. This story is a fact. There are many people who know that I stabbed CEO Lee in the back.”

Now, CEO Kim plans to go ‘all-in’ to Gangwon. He also puts down the position of vice-president of the Football Association.

Representative Kim said, “I will always work for the development of Korean football. Although I am leaving the Football Association, Gangwon will have something to help the Football Association, and Gangwon will also work with the Football Association. No matter where I go, I will continue to work with the Football Association. I hope you can see it as an extension of that work. I have to match the chemistry with director Choi Yong-soo, and I will do my best to help the local community while embracing Gangwon-do residents and Gangwon fans.”