An Woo-jin (24, Kiwoom), the best right-handed ace in the KBO League, could not be selected for the national team.

In the recently held WBC Technical Committee, there was no further discussion on the selection of An Woo-jin, and the possibility of him joining the national team has become very slim.

This season, An Woo-jin recorded an average ERA of 2.11 / 196 innings / 224 strikeouts in 30 games with 15 wins and 8 losses, and ranked first in three categories: ERA – strikeouts – innings. With a truly overwhelming appearance, he was reborn as an ace representing the league. Ahn Woo-jin also played a reverse fight in PS and led Kiwoom to the Korean Series runner-up. Following this momentum, he won the Golden Glove in the pitching category, given to the best pitcher in the league, beating out prominent candidates.

However, the KBO and the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team technical committee eventually decided to keep the framework of ‘principle’ and ‘common sense’. Earlier, a KBO official said, “Ahn Woo-jin is not included in the 50 interest lists previously submitted. Unless there is a special reason, the possibility of selecting a player other than the list of interest is not high,” he explained, “the possibility of further discussing the possibility of An Woo-jin’s selection is not high at present.”

Ahead of the WBC, which will be held in March next year, the KBO announced on the afternoon of November 18 that it had confirmed 50 members of the 2023 WBC Federation Interest List and submitted them to WBCI (World Baseball Classic Inc), the WBC organizing committee. .

And unfortunately, Ahn Woo-jin’s statement on past school violence, which came out on the morning of the day, and the statement of support for the three victims, which came out three days before that, did not affect the selection.

At the time, Ahn Woo-jin said through a statement through his legal representative, “The fact that I was not a better senior to my juniors, that I couldn’t take a closer look at each and every small act of admonishment as a senior, and I constantly reflected on myself while going through a long tunnel due to this controversy. “After the press report, 안전놀이터 I became a devil who committed harsh school violence, and the specific truth of the matter was buried amid criticism from public opinion,” he claimed in 2017, when he reported on the controversy over his school violence, and the truth was misleading.

In addition, three of Woojin An’s juniors from Whimoon High School, who were designated as victims, argued in a statement, “The media says we are victims of school violence, but no one at that time even accepted the situation as assault.”

In summary, Ahn Woo-jin claimed that she was getting along well with her current juniors and that those who were initially designated as the three victims did not accept the issue they were disciplined at the time as ‘violence’. It was not an announcement of a position to reveal faults or reflect on the incident, but a position that there was no violence in the first place.

And this position announcement was rather poisonous.

Afterwards, an official from the technical committee who requested anonymity said, “The player (Ahn Woo-jin) has already been disciplined through the school and the Korea Baseball Softball Association, and he was suspended from the national team.” I think it would be difficult to ignore and discuss selection. He applied for a retrial, but it was not accepted, and it was not overturned after that,” he said, seeing that there was no room to discuss An Woo-jin’s appointment.

Another official from the Technical Committee also said, “As I have confirmed through officials familiar with the baseball world, I know that an agreement has been reached with the victim who suffered the most damage from An Woo-jin or that he has not been forgiven.” can’t go This is a more important issue outside of skills,” he said, expressing a negative stance on the selection of An Woo-jin.

However, in the first place, not all baseball worlds were negative about the selection of An Woo-jin. WBC does not have to follow the permanent suspension of the national team according to the Korea Baseball Softball Association and the Korea Sports Council’s national team selection regulations, so there is no procedural problem. In addition, some technical committee members, who felt sorry for the fact that Ahn Woo-jin had been criticized by public opinion for being engraved with the scarlet letter as a ‘perpetrator of school violence’ for several years, have considered the selection of An Woo-jin with the logic that ‘a right-handed ace is needed’.

However, when Ahn Woo-jin insisted on an alternative fact with the victims who had concluded an agreement in the past, saying ‘there was no assault’, public opinion in the baseball world also seems to have cooled rapidly. Since then, Ahn Woo-jin has not only been removed from the interest list, but has also been temporarily excluded from the WBC national team selection list.

In fact, unlike the three people who announced the statement, one victim who suffered the most damage from An Woo-jin in the past is still complaining of serious aftereffects of damage, unlike the position that there was no violence or that they were getting along well by cheering on senior An Woo-jin. to be. At the time, the school side and Ahn Woo-jin’s parents recommended that the case be closed, but it was confirmed that they did not receive a proper apology.

An Woo-jin’s side did not apologize even after that, but recently contacted the victim’s side, but the other party doubted the sincerity of this apology and did not want to meet An Woo-jin. In the end, the announcement of a different position from the past, centering on those whose relationship has improved without the victim’s forgiveness, which was the biggest point of the case, was accepted in the baseball world as “the perpetrator is trying to create a new fact by spreading public opinion without any sign of reflection.”

After Ahn Woo-jin’s performance, if the truth is revealed through the victim’s side, a big controversy could arise again. Despite the advocacy of some media, such as multiple media outlets preparing additional reports, most baseball public opinion has cooled. In the end, Ahn Woo-jin missed out on the internal public opinion that had improved this year, such as being ‘passed’ at most of the baseball awards ceremonies.

At the national team technical committee meeting on the 12th, which was the last chance for Ahn Woo-jin, it was confirmed that his selection was not reviewed positively. The technical committee, including national coach Lee Kang-cheol, held a long meeting on this day to select a list of 35 players to be submitted in January next year. However, at this meeting, it was confirmed that there were no additional discussions regarding the selection of Ahn Woo-jin other than the list. Rather, it is said that fierce discussions continued about the joining of foreign players and the confirmation of the preliminary list for internal key positions.

The KBO plans to submit a preliminary list including 35 out of 50 people on the interest list again in January next year. Also, the deadline for submitting the final list of 30 players, which should include 14 pitchers and 2 catchers, is February 7 next year. Unless there is a dramatic reversal by that time, Ahn Woo-jin’s entry into the WBC national team is very unlikely.

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