This is what office worker A ( 40 ) proposed to the government in relation to the reform of the national pension system. The Ministry of Health and Welfare received free opinions on the national pension from the public from September to November together with the National Pension Service ahead of the establishment of the 5th National Pension Comprehensive Operation Plan . It was announced on the 14th that the case was received .

Among those who received opinions on the national pension, those in their 50s had the most with 975 ( 37.2 %). This was followed by those in their 40s ( 645 cases), over 60s ( 506 cases), 30s ( 481 cases), and those in their 10s and 20s ( 166 cases). The Ministry of Health and Welfare said, “interest in pensions is highest among the age group starting to prepare for old age,” and “relatively, interest in pensions is not high among the younger generation.” Of the 2,773

opinions received, a total of 2,419 opinions were presented, excluding simple inquiries . Among them, 1043 opinions ( 43.1 %) were on pension reform. The Ministry of Health and Welfare said, “Among them, we received many proposals for reform measures, such as raising the insurance premium rate to secure the sustainability of the national pension,” and “we were able to confirm the public consensus on the need for pension reform.” According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, a total of 102 opinions related to the national pension insurance premium rate

matter has been received Most of them were about raising the insurance premium rate to 12-20 %, which is higher than the current (9%) , and one opinion was to lower it. Self-employed person B ( 40 ) said, “Please raise the insurance premium 메이저사이트 rate to more than 20 % to the level of developed countries. If not, raise it to 18 %, which is the level of civil servants, so that you pay a lot and receive a lot,” and Mr. C, in his 20s , said, “I agree to raise the insurance premium rate in order to leave behind the depletion of the national pension even a little.” “The value of social security, including income redistribution I highly value it,” he said.

Previously, at the National Pension Experts Forum co-hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Special Committee on Pension Reform of the National Assembly on the 9th, the government’s national pension reform scenario was presented. Yoo Ho-seon, a researcher at the National Pension Research Institute, said, “If the current national pension insurance premium rate is gradually raised to 15 % , the expected year of fund depletion in 2057 can be delayed up to 2073. ” Some of the opinions proposed by the public are in effect to raise the insurance premium rate more than the experts suggested.

Opinions were also suggested that the timing of receiving the national pension should be adjusted. Currently, the legal retirement age is 60 years old, but the age at which people start to receive the national pension is 62 years old . next yearIt is delayed to 63 years old, 64 years old in 2028 and 65 years old in 2033 , which is delayed by 1 year every 5 years. Office worker D ( 50 ) said, “Please adjust the timing of receiving the national pension in consideration of the retirement age.” I am very dissatisfied as a person who believed in the government policy and joined (National Pension) for more than 30 years.” In addition, in relation to the basic pension, many opinions were received to abolish the reduction system linked to the national pension and change the payment target. Mr. C, a self-employed person, said, “ I pay (National Pension) for 10 years and receive 500,000 won, but the basic pension (if President Yoon Seok-yeol’s pledge is implemented without paying the National Pension) will receive 400,000 won.” “Who would want to pay the pension?” did. Some opinions were suggested to integrate the public servants pension with the national pension

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