A new list of top 100 prospects in the US Major League Baseball (MLB) pipeline has been released.

According to MLB.com today (26th), Baltimore Orioles shortstop Jackson Halliday (19) ranked first in the entire league as a prospect. Halliday, who was ranked 12th in the preseason, has recently moved up to 3rd, and stands out as a top prospect in this evaluation.

Halliday is the son of ‘Big Daddy’ Matt Halliday. Holiday, who was nominated by Baltimore as the first overall pick in last year’s draft, received $8.19 million in signing money alone, breaking the record for signing money for a high school graduate player.

Halliday, who plays for the Baltimore High Single A team Aberdeen Ironbirds, has a batting average of 0.303 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.936.

MLB.com said of Halliday, “He is graduating from the minor leagues very quickly, and his strikeout and walk rates are almost the same in high single A.” will be,” he said.

In second place was Cincinnati Reds’ “monster rookie” shortstop Ellie De La Cruz (21). He was ranked 4th most recently, but has moved up two spots to 2nd in this evaluation.

Cruise, who made his MLB debut on the 6th, is bombarding the major leagues by recording a cycling hit in 15 games of his debut. It was the first cycling hit in 34 years for a Cincinnati hitter. To date, Cruise’s MLB record is 23 hits in 69 at-bats (3 home runs), a batting average of 0.333, and an OPS of 0.989.

In third place was Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Jackson Shurio (19). He was a top prospect recently, but this time he was pushed back to third place. Shurio is currently in Double A with a batting average of 0.252 and an OPS of 0.724.안전놀이터

Fourth place went to Miami Marlins 100-mph right-hander Yuri Perez, 20. Perez, who was called up to the big leagues directly from Double-A without going through Triple-A, is currently showing excellent pitching with a ERA (ERA) of 1.34 in 47 innings. He is being reborn as Miami’s new ace.

Boston Red Sox shortstop Marcelo Mayer (20) and Washington Nationals outfielder James Wood (20) ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.

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