Will there be any problem if Kiwoom Heroes send Han Hyun-hee (30) and Jeong Chan-heon (33) away?

Kiwoom showed an active movement in this Stove League. Due to the nature of the club without a parent company, the team rarely recruited outside free agents, but this winter, it showed its will to win the championship by recruiting Won Jong-hyun (4 years, 2.5 billion won) and Lee Hyeong-jong (4 years, 2 billion won).

However, the passive tone continues for internal free agents Han Hyun-hee and Jeong Chan-heon. Years have passed, but there is no talk of contract renewal or sign-and-trade. Kiwoom is in the position that the two players will be treated according to the market situation as they decided to be evaluated in the market first.

Kiwoom is not in a hurry to renew contracts with Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon because they believe the mound is good enough without the two pitchers. Last season, Kiwoom ranked third in team ERA (3.79). The starting average 카지노사이트 ERA is 1st (3.41). However, Han Hyun-hee recorded an average ERA of 4.75 and Jeong Chan-heon only recorded an ERA of 5.36. Based on the average ERA, both Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon fell short of the team average. In fact, both pitchers were excluded from postseason entries from the playoffs.

However, the more pitchers a team has, the better. This is also true of Kiwoom, whose pitching staff is relatively thick. Looking at Kiwoom’s starting rotation this season, four are almost certain: An Woo-jin, Eric Yokishi, Ariel Hurado, and Choi Won-tae. And Jang Jae-young, Lee Seung-ho, Kim Seon-gi, and Joo Seung-woo compete for the one remaining spot. Even Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon seem to be a bit excessive investment to enter the starting rotation.

However, the pitchers mentioned as candidates for the 5th selection have no experience of spending a full-time season in the first team, except for Lee Seung-ho. On the other hand, Han Hyun-hee and Jeong Chan-heon are very experienced pitchers. Although he had a sluggish season last year, he can definitely expect some performance. In addition, Han Hyun-hee has a lot of experience as a bullpen pitcher, so it is possible to use it as a winning team.

Although the year has passed, it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time for Han Hyun-hee and Jung Chan-heon to find their team. Fans are waiting for the results of whether Kiwoom will capture the free agency pitchers or send them to other teams.

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