‘150% of Ferguson’s performance!’ Ten Haag’s winning percentage in first 25 matches for Manchester United is the highest ever

Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 3-0 in the 19th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 4th (Korean time). With this, Manchester United has accumulated 35 points and is in 4th place in the league. Tottenham, who played one more game than Manchester United, is fifth with 33 points.

Manchester United certainly went uphill. After Boxing Day, they won three consecutive victories in three league matches. Shows no sign of defeat. In addition, Manchester United have not lost for two months since the 1-3 defeat at Aston Villa in early November.

Above all else, coach Eric ten Haag’s leadership is being applauded. Manchester United have appointed Dutch Ajax manager Ten Haag as their new manager ahead of the start of the season. There were some dissenting voices, but Ten Haag got United back on track in half a year. So far, the pace is better than former manager Alex Ferguson’s first year season.

The 토토 football statistics media ‘Transfer Market’ compared the results of the first 25 games of 10 managers who led Manchester United. Ten Haag has won 18 of his 25 matches. He is the manager with the most wins among those 10.

After Ten Hag, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was ranked second. Solskjaer, a former Manchester United legend, has been at the helm since 2019. Solskjaer has won 16 games. Manchester United manager Ron Atkinson in the 1980s won 15 of his first 25 matches. Managers Jose Mourinho and David Moyes each have 14 wins each.

Then there’s Ferguson. Ferguson has won 12 out of 25 games since he first took office in 1986. Compared to Ten Hagh’s 18 wins, the difference is 1.5 times. Coach Louis van Gaal also amassed 12 wins in his first 25 games. Behind them were Ralph Rangnick (10 wins), Tommy Doherty (9 wins), and Dave Sexton (8 wins).