In the United States, which suffered a crushing loss to Mexico at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), a voice of self-reflection came out about participating in the tournament with sincerity.

The United States lost 5-11 in the 2023 WBC Round 1 Group C match against Mexico held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, on the 13th (Korean time).먹튀검증 Starting pitcher Nick Martinez (San Diego) struggled with 5 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 3 runs in 2⅔ innings and became a losing pitcher.

The United States, who won the WBC for the first time in 2017, formed an ultra-luxury lineup ahead of this tournament. Looking at the field team, a large number of superstars such as Mike Trout (Angels), Mookie Betts (Dodgers), Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado (above St. Louis), and Pete Alonso (Metz) participated in the national team.

However, the mound is somewhat disappointing compared to other lines. It is true that high-class pitchers such as Adam Wainwright, Miles Mycholas (above St. Louis), Merrill Kelly (Arizona), and Lance Lynn (White Sox) participated in Martinez as the starting pitcher that day, but top-notch aces did not participate in the WBC. Dodgers franchise ace Clayton Kershaw announced his participation in the WBC, raising expectations, but his participation was canceled due to insurance issues not being resolved.

The LA Times, an American media, said, “As soon as Chase Field opened, ‘Mexico! Mexico!” cheers erupted. A crowd of 47,354 watched as Mexico shocked the United States by beating the United States 11-5. Interest in the WBC is getting hotter and hotter. In Japan, more than half of households in the Tokyo metropolitan area watched the Korea-Japan match. An atmosphere like fall baseball appeared in March,” he said, emphasizing the success of the WBC box office.

However, it is a concern that a top-notch ace does not participate in the U.S. national team. The media said, “The WBC is still not the stage people imagine. This year’s fielders on the US team are some of the most talented players in WBC history, but bringing in the best starting pitcher is a major hurdle for the US alone.”

Due to the nature of the WBC, which is held in March before the start of the season, it can be a bit of a burden for pitchers. However, that doesn’t mean that all pitchers refuse to participate in the WBC. Sandy Alcantara (Miami), who won the National League Cy Young Award last season, competed with the Dominican Republic national team. Mexico’s Julio Urias (Dodgers), Venezuela’s Pablo Lopez (Minnesota), Puerto Rico’s Jose Berrios, and Japan’s Shohei Ohtani (Angels) as national aces.

On the other hand, American pitchers are avoiding the WBC. The LA Times said, “The USA has the best starting lineup in this tournament, but it is not the best starting lineup that the USA can form.” “13 of the top 20 ERA last season were American pitchers. Also, 14 of the top 20 players in WAR (contribution to wins versus substitutes) based on Fan Graph, a baseball statistics site, are American pitchers. And none of them made it to the U.S. national team. Only one Logan Webb (San Francisco) announced that he would play for the US national team, but withdrew before spring camp started.”

“There are a total of 10 American-born active major league pitchers who have won the Cy Young Award. The Los Angeles Times lamented that none of them made it to the US national team. “It is not necessary for the WBC to have the best American pitchers participate for its success. But if that is possible, this tournament will have more authority,” he urged the best aces to participate in the WBC.

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